Selva fitness online membership

Finally - an online Fitness membership that is clear, direct, and results oriented. You can be sure it’s packed with specific training plans that you can put to use immediately.

It is an Online Membership designed to bring you from lacking a set plan, discipline, and clarity around your fitness goals to FEELING STRONG, SEXY + CONFIDENT in your body.

With SUPER + EFFECTIVE plans to keep you on track.


SO WHAT’S included in my Selva Fitness online Membership?

Clear, helpful, and safe video demonstrations of both Gym + At Home Movements. Watch David safely, correctly and EFFECTIVELY perform the movements, while Adi explains the biomechanical checkpoints and areas to focus for the quickest results.

Full Length High Intensity Training videos guided by David + Adi. These videos TORCH body fat and keep your metabolism on high for hours (and hours) after the sessions. These videos are high energy, super fun, and are a GREAT addition to the challenge. This is ESPECIALLY for those of you who are looking to drop weight.

Full Length Yoga Classes guided by Adi Shakti. Adi is a teacher of teachers, and she has been teaching yoga for years. These classes are designed to support the health of your cardiovascular + respiratory system, balance your nervous system, restore flexibility, and calm the mind. You will LOVE these video sessions.

Workout Plans to guide you to your goals. Depending on what it is you are looking for - you need clear steps to arrive to your destination. We have different blueprint plans that can support you in dropping body fat, gaining muscle, focusing on toning up + leaning out, physique maintenance + more. You grab the plan, take it to the gym, and feel the results show up in your body.

Access to our private Online Community. Only those who are members of our Insiders community are invited here. This is your place to share resources, ask questions, and get support directly from our team.


There is something deep inside you that wants this transformation, badly. And support is what will get you there. To do it alone - without a set plan, guides, or accountability - is nearly impossible.  


We will be available for you 24/7 to reach out with your struggles and questions. We are crazy confident in the quality of the instruction in teaching you to safely and effectively execute the plans - but things come up! And we are here for you with a commitment to get back to your inquiries within 48 hours.


Each movement on the plan comes with a short description of safety points, as well as a short video that demonstrates the movement with dialogue that teaches you the safest and most effective way to perform the movement. 


Your body needs variety. The same training day in and day out will NOT get you the results you are looking for. We work with Strength, Resistance, and Power based training to keep your muscles confused and your body in a state of transformation.


You will get access to our Selva Fitness Accountability + Connection Community where we share articles, training videos, and motivation to keep you fresh and inspired. YOU make our company great - and we love seeing your progress photos, updates, struggles, fears, dreams, successes, and failures. It is all shared in the online FB community.


In the members area, you will also have access to full length training videos that you can follow along with. Some videos are focused on High Intensity Training using Kettlebells, and others are focused on yoga conditioning. 


We make this as easy as possible. You can look forward to finding clear guides on what to do at the gym. These resources in the members area have details on the movements, rest times, repetitions, weight recommendations, and more. You can have this with you at the gym or keep it with you at home. 


The Academy focuses on discipline of mind, education in lifestyle philosophy, and continued education for those passionate about integrating more alternative healing modalities into their personal or professional lives.

This gives you a FULL SPECTRUM holistic approach to reaching your potential in all of the major areas of your life - physical fitness + well being, sexuality + relationships, financial health, mental strength + LIFESTYLE GUIDANCE,

BONUS: Credit towards a FIT Retreat!

You also receive a discounts on our global FIT Retreats around the world!


What do i get access to?

Your Selva Fitness Online Membership is the Journey of building + maintaining a body you are proud of.

2 Memberships for the Price of One


Focus: Physical Fitness

This is the education + support you need to uncover your potential physically in your body. The focus in this membership is on training videos, yoga classes, and giving you details plans for physique transformation + maintenance.

It includes High Intensity interval Training Circuits with a detailed breakdown of how to safely and effectively perform all movements. It also includes length training videos, yoga videos, gym programs with equipment, kettlebell training, and more.

You get access to a wide variety of videos + education materials, including:

✅Specific at home or gym workout plans that you can carry with you

✅Full length videos that you can follow along with at home - ranging from 15 minutes - 1 hour

✅Resources that focus on specific body parts: upper body, lower body, core, and major muscle groups

✅Yoga classes, HIIT classes, Kettlebells, + gym plans with equipment

GYM (1).jpg

Focus: Mental, Spiritual + Financial Fitness

The SoulWork membership focused on providing education in alternative health and wellness.

There are lectures, videos, and online courses in Mental, Spiritual, + Financial Fitness. This membership is for people looking to bring more depth + meaning to their lives.

We talk God, Sex, + Money, and ways to add a new QUALITY to our lives + relationships.

The Academy focuses on discipline of mind, education in lifestyle philosophy, and continued education for those passionate about integrating more alternative healing modalities into their personal or professional lives.

There is also a focus on supporting entrepreneurs and freelancers on starting, sustaining, or growing their conscious businesses. There is education + coaching on purpose clarity, marketing, business organization, strategy, financial strategies,

Both Memberships are updated regularly with new education.

When you sign up for the Selva Fitness Membership, you ALSO get immediate access to the SoulWork Academy.

This gives you a FULL SPECTRUM holistic approach to reaching your potential in all of the major areas of your life - physical fitness + well being, sexuality + relationships, financial health, mental strength + LIFESTYLE GUIDANCE,

We are.jpg

And we give you the clear, effective, and proven education + workouts to get you to your goals.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, then the good news is…

You have a team waiting to keep you on track.

You are not alone in experiencing doubt, frustration with your own inability to stick to your promises to yourself, or feeling like you have been focusing on other things and have ‘let your body go’.

Many strong, hard-working, capable souls feel the way you do now. They have the same fears, mental blocks, and anxieties about working to reveal the body they can be in love with. (And together - we can get to those goals faster - REMEMBER THAT)

Here’s more good news. You can start the journey now with the concrete Fitness plan you need to:

  • Finally have a one stop shop for the comprehensive plans + workouts that are easy to follow - emphasizing safety in instruction, variety, and results oriented training techniques

  • Transform your habits and thoughts through accountability, mindset education and community

  • Get more of what you want in your life as a result of deep, true confidence

  • Free yourself from some of your deepest fears – whether it is a fear of your own laziness, fear of never knowing what it feels like to LOVE your body, or a fear of just never having the information or plan you need to have your best body

This membership platform designed for souls like you: a challenge that helps you drop fat, see more definition in your body, and gives you the SPECIFIC program you need to feel even sexier and more confident.




A recurring, monthly payment of


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Pay $9 a month, and get access to the detailed plans you need to feel sexier and stronger in your body

 Questions we get asked a lot (FAQs)

What is the Selva Fitness Membership?

It is an Online Education platform with full length videos, workout plans, and mindset education to give you the clear blueprint you need to feel sexier and more confident in your body.

How do I enroll and register?

Click the SIGN UP NOW button on this page and enter your credit card details.

Once I register for the online course, what happens next?

You will receive an automatic email with steps on how to access the platform.

What kind of previous experience should I have for this online membership?

Previous experience isn’t necessary. However, most of our members are in reasonably good shape and have some past experience with exercise or sports.

What do I do if I need technical assistance?

You email us at

How do I get access to the membership materials?

Be sure to save your Log in and Password, and you can log in to the platform easily and have access to all of the videos, plans, and more.

How much does the membership cost?

The membership is a monthly payment of $9.

When do I have to pay?

Now is the best time to sign up to get started feeling more confident in your body.

What are acceptable payment methods?

We accept all major credit cards through our secure online server.

Is there a membership inclusions outline?

See the information on this page for more details about inclusions in the membership.

What do I do if I have questions?

Email us at

How much time will be involved in being a member?

This depends on your goals and the training area of focus. The videos range from 15 minutes - 1 hour. If you are more advanced in your fitness journey and looking to build muscle - some of the Gym workouts can take a couple of hours.

What kind of support do you offer for members?

Our office hours are Tuesday - Saturday from 9-2, and this is when we respond to emails. We also monitor the Facebook group during that time.

Who is right for the Selva Fitness Membership?

This challenge is for people in decent shape who are wanting the clear plan on how to transform their bodies - to feel sexier and to have the confidence to continue to pursue what they want in their lives.

Who’s not right for this membership?

This program is not for people who are extremely out of shape. It may be better to work directly with a medical professional to meet your goals. The online format has limitations, and we invite you to work personally with someone who is an expert in your particular health challenges.

How do I learn more about your FIT Retreats around the world?

Visit us at to learn more.

What if I have another question not listed here?

Please email us at