The 12 Week Sexier You Fitness Challenge is a (roughly) 3 Month Long Journey of building a body you are proud of.

✅ We give you the daily workout plan you need to drop body fat, tone up, and feel confident + sexy in your body.

✅ 6 Days a week, you will spend about 30 minutes to 1.5 hours working out, and you will have one rest day.

✅ There are 2 versions of the Challenge - the At Home Version and the Gym Version.

✅ All of the information will be sent directly to your email weekly.

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AT HOME VERSION: 12 Week Sexier You Fitness Challenge

These are workouts that you can do At Home, without equipment.

It includes High Intensity interval Training Circuits with a detailed breakdown of how to safely and effectively perform all movements. It also includes length training videos, and a weekly full length Yoga video. It also includes cardio coaching - inviting you to include running into the regime.

This version is for people who do not have a gym membership and are searching for ultimate results from the comfort of their home.


AT GYM VERSION: 12 Week Sexier You Fitness Challenge

These are detailed workouts that you bring with you to the Gym. We assume that you have access to the most common free weights and machines. 

We cycle your training throughout the 12 weeks - meaning that not EVERY work out will require a gym visit. However, the significant majority do. 

We also recommend that you have access to a Kettlebell for the full length Kettlebell workouts and are ready to balance your strength training with flexbility training with our Yoga classes (by the teacher's teacher - Adi Shakti).

Are you willing to invest $97 for the clear plan to feel sexier and more confident in your body?