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Ah, the elements. What powerful tools for supporting us in feeling more harmony in our bodies and inner life. Water. Is. So. Important. For feeling good in our bodies, balanced in our emotional cycles, and healthy in our minds. We want you to hop on board with us with a commitment to drinking WAY more water. Why?

Because it will help you feel sexier naked.

  1. Burning Fat - Are you working hard on a cardio and strength training regimen to drop body fat and feel sexier in your body? All of that work you are putting in could be in COMPLETE VAIN if you are NOT drinking enough water. Water is the element responsible for flushing and detoxifying your system. Even if you are ‘burning fat’, if you are missing the quality neccessary to actually flush anything from the system - you aren’t going to see meaningful results. Your body won’t trust you to get it what it needs. So, it holds on to what it has. Drink more water. Lose more fat. Simple.

  2. Clear Skin - You want that glow. That healthy, vibrant, love-my-life, get plenty of sex, have ease in my inner life, beautiful, sexy, glow. Your skin is a HUGE indicator of health. It can be a doorway to telling us what’s out of balance internally, and I know that when my skin is vibrant, I feel alive. I feel more confident, and I feel that I can show up in the world with a foundation of self love and vibrant health. Water is the secret. Lots and lots of water. Again - detoxifying the system and giving yourself the chance to flush anything out that needs to move. So that it doesn’t have to find other ways to escape - ie. through the skin. Another trick I recommend here is Dry Brushing. Exfoliating the skin, drinking tons of water, and enjoy more naked confidence.

  3. Increase Inner Peace / Confidence - Your hormones change. Especially for the ladies reading this right now - you know this. Our lunar cycle has a huge impact on our inner life and general feelings of well being and confidence. If we are dehydrated - this can be a significant strain on the hormonal system. It can make us feel depleted, annoyed, bring up feelings of scarcity, isolation, anger, and more. A simple fix to support ourselves in hormonal regulation and more harmony in our inner life - is to DRINK MORE WATER.

  4. Smell Better - That’s a little direct, yeah? But it’s true. Body odor is real. Especially for those of you who are training hard and committing to a good sweat every single day. And toxins stink. It’s true. And water helps. So, drink more water, and have less body odor. Let your commitment to hydration be a fountain of self love, self confidence, and taking care of yourself. You won’t regret it.

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