5 Ways Your Emotions are Keeping You From Transforming Your Body

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Emotions are real. Even though it seems that ‘modern society’ has spent the last few centuries trying to bury that truth. How we feel emotionally has everything to do with our ability to experience fulfilling lives. And it could be that your emotions (and unwillingness / inability) to express them are keeping you fat or trapped in a body you don’t love.

How you ask? Here are the 5 ways…

  1. Insecurity can lead to hopelessness - Feelings of insecurity make us feel hopeless. And when we feel hopeless, we eat. And we usually don’t feel cravings for healthy, nourishing food when we are in this mental state. We grab for things that we have lacked evolutionarily - sugar and salt. We eat, we feel guilty, we feel bad in our bodies, we feel insecure, we feel hopeless, we eat some more. Etc. You know the cycle. And the way to move ourselves out of insecurity is a commitment to physical fitness. When we move our bodies, we send new powerful messages to our brains and systems. We feel good, we make better dietary choices, and we are able to interrupt this hopeless cycle that has gotten you trapped in a body you don’t love.

  2. Lack of emotional expression slows down digestion - We have to digest and process everything in life. This includes our experiences, our thoughts, and our emotions. If we don’t process through our emotions (through physical exercise, sharing our feelings with a trusted confidant, being in silence, meditation, being with nature, etc) - we accumulate an emotional blockage and slow our digestive system. This can show up as physical symptoms in digestion and even manifest as physical disease if not addressed. It is extremely important that you have a regular practice of processing your emotions to maintain ultimate health of body and mind.

  3. Unbalance in hormones - Just as our body can affect our mind, our mind can affect our body. When we aren’t healthy emotionally, our hormones can become out of balance. Our hormones affect our weight, our mental health, our sleep / wake cycles, and so many other vital functions of the body. If we don’t commit to emotional release practices, this can very easily translate to physical weight and fat being stored on the body.

  4. Eating too much creates false sense of security - When we don’t feel financially secure or physically safe - we gravitate to unhealthy foods. Stuffing our stomachs with foods that have been evolutionarily lacking (sugar + salt) pulls lots of blood into our digestive center and gives the brain a temporary and false sense of security. Because we aren’t actually processing our feelings of scarcity or insecurity - we turn to food to provide symptomatic relief for these deeply rooted emotional issues. Taking the time and space to work with these feelings from a spiritual perspective (through movement, meditation, yoga postures, sound healing, talk therapy, etc) can be the key to kicking cravings, having more peace in our inner lives, and allowing our bodies to transform into a healthy state of balance.

  5. Holding on to the past - We easily develop patterns of attachment. Mentally, emotionally, and physically. If we are emotionally clinging to the past, this can manifest physically as our bodies holding on to weight. Extra weight is a way that we protect ourselves from vulnerability. Being willing to go there and truly feel into the wisdom of the past with the intention of letting go and healing the wounds of yesteryear from a spiritual perspective can be the foundation to creating more health in the physical body.

Do you think your emotional system is having an affect on your physical body? Feel free to leave a comment or let us know what you think of this article!

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