8 Ways to Make Sure You are Not Sabotaging Your Own Success

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You want change in your life. In your body. In your finances. In your sex. The hard thing about finally committing to taking personal responsibility for your life - is that now you have no one to blame. If things aren’t going your way, it’s up to you (and only you) to turn things around. You want to taste success, but you may be standing in your own way.

Here are some common mental blocks that may be keeping you from building the BODY and LIFE you (think) you want:

  1. Self Worth - What do you believe about yourself, really? How is your internal dialogue? What is it that you believe you deserve or are willing to tolerate in this life? To spend some time recognizing your mental and emotional patterns around your self worth could be the key to unlocking the blocks that are keeping you from what you desire. If you don’t have a loving relationship with yourself, you may be subconsciously sabotaging the possibility of beautiful things coming into your life. A commitment to developing your physical fitness (we’ve got you covered) and mental discipline are the foundation for turning this ship around. When you work hard on your body and discipline your mind - you will see a shift in your beliefs about yourself. From there, you can experience an ease of calling in what it is you want - because you yourself believe you are worthy of it

  2. No Silent Time - You don’t take any time in silence for yourself, do you? It is DETRIMENTAL to your mental / emotional (and therefore physical) health, and it is keeping you stuck in your current paradigm. Time in silence is critical for allowing your mind and emotional system to process the happenings of your life. It is similar to your physical digestion of food. Silence is your digestive system for detoxifying and integrating the experiences of this life. If you are in a constant state of accumulation - physically, mentally, etc - you will NEVER be able to have the clarity required to manifest change in your life. Take space daily to be silent, with nature, and alone with yourself. This is the hidden secret and necessary key to unlocking clarity around where it is you are heading and how it is you will get there.

  3. Working hard (not smart) - Just because you work all day doesn’t mean you are getting anywhere. Often times, we work ourselves to physical, spiritual, and psychological exhaustion - which does NOT mean more money, more productivity, or bring us any closer to our goals. Without space for silence, we can fall into a trap of constant stimulation and being a hamster on a wheel with no real clarity on where we are headed. Physical fitness, meditation, and time in silence are the places where we are able to take much needed space for ourselves and get super clear on working SMART instead of obsessing over working HARD.

  4. Lifestyle + WHY Clarity - What is the life you want? For me, I wanted to live in a small hippie village on the Caribbean and travel the world freely. All while teaching self love, ancient yogic teachings, and body movement. I wanted to create my life around my own health being the foundation of my business. It took time with myself and a lot of deep questioning to get clarity around the life I wanted and WHY I wanted. The root of what I am searching for is radical FREEDOM and always looking for ways to feel revitalized in my body. Without clarity on what it is you want your life to look like or the WHY behind that, it is going to be nearly impossible to manifest that desire in the physical plane. So get clear. What is it that you want? Why do you want it? And how it is that you can make it happen?

  5. Money Wound - This comes up time and time again. The Money Wound. Our relationship with money comes from what we have learned from our parents, our society, and from what we believe about ourselves. The relationship between our physical fitness, sexuality and financial thriving is so very deeply connected. Take some time to ask yourself - what do you believe about money? What is your relationship to it? It may be time to re frame how it is that you view money, and it is almost always a block that we have to truly stepping into the kind of life we imagine for ourselves.

  6. Self Discipline - Are you disciplined? Do you commit to clean eating, moving regularly, taking space for yourself in silence, and practicing self love / care on a daily basis? A lack of self discipline is a lack of self love. Without discipline, we are unable to create what it is that we desire in our lives. I invite you to make yourself a workout schedule, carve out time to work on professional development, make sure you are introducing practices in self care, and STICK TO IT. To discipline oneself is to love oneself. You’ve got this. It is the key to success.

  7. Consistency - Are you consistent? Or do you get excited about something, try it on for a few days, and then move on to the next best thing? Do yourself a favor. Get really clear on what is important to you, create a schedule to make it happen, and get started NOW.

  8. Accountability - Who keeps you accountable to your goals? Do you have a fitness buddy? A business partner? How can you create more community in your life and surround yourself with people who have similar values and goals? You can always join our accountability community to keep you fresh and inspired. :)

And that’s a wrap! Take responsibility for your own life. It’s a big step, but it creates freedom. Let’s dive into this new way of living, together.

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