DIY: Morning Smoothie Prep

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You want to feel better naked. More confidence. More self love. A deep knowing that you are taking phenomenal care of your body + your soul from the inside out. Small adjustments to how we live our daily lives are all we need to start seeing huge changes in our mental dialogue and in our bodies.

Having a practice of starting your day in high vibe health is the foundation for how you shape the rest of your day. Days turn to weeks, weeks turn to months, and small adjustments in your daily routine become your life.

I want to let you in on a super powerful strategy that I use to start my day with health + self love. Smoothies. And not just smoothies, but pre-prepped, delicious, throw-it-in-the-blender-and-done smoothies. If we take even just half an hour to prep our greens / fruits in the morning for the week, we have a week of high vibe, nutritiously dense goddess nectar to wake up to every morning. So easy. So beautiful.

And here is how it works….

Must Have:

  • 7 Ziplock bags or mason jars to freeze ingredients in freezer

Put in each bag or jar:

  • 2 cups fruit (options include mango, blackberries, strawberries, watermelon, pineapple, pomegranate, raspberries, peach, or your favorite fruit!)

  • 2 cup greens (spinach or kale densely packed)

  • 1 banana or ½ an avocado (for creamy texture)

Place in the freezer.

Before blending, add 1 cup of either yogurt, milk, substitute milk, or water. Also feel free to add spirulina or other organic vegan protein powder. Also optional to add 2 teaspoons HONEY for sweetening.  

And that's it ! Smoothie meal prep is so freakin’ easy and can make your day SO much better. Be sure to change the recipe up week by week to make sure you are getting variety in your vital nutrients. And don’t forget to add (tons) of greens!

Try it out this week, and I dare you to tell me it didn’t make your mornings WAY more high vibe, easy, and full of SELF LOVE.

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