Feel Better Naked, the Revolution

A fresh perspective on fitness 

Stick with us, and you will learn and understand the process and importance of restoring radical confidence in your life. We have a unique approach to fitness - and we are challenging the patterns of the mind through spiritual + mental discipline to transform the body through proven techniques of transformation.

We are interested in working with you as a WHOLE being, with the body just being the symbol of honoring, respecting, and improving all facets of your health. Spiritual, sexual, physical, mental, and even financial. When we transform from the inside out, know true liberating discipline, and are willing to break down patterns that keep us feeling not at our potential - everything shifts. We will be working with you and your body - but the work and passion goes all the way into your soul.

We're confident that once you have spent some time in our online community , you’ll experience more confidence in your ability to meaningfully and powerfully offer to the world. And the root of that is feeling sexy, strong, and proud in your own body.

You may be reading this because you have a goal of losing a few pounds, or being a little bit more toned.  And really, I bet that the root of what you are really searching for is to feel sexier when you meet your own eyes in the mirror every morning. To feel confident, attractive, and at ease in your own skin. As you go through this process with us, it becomes less and less about that few (or more) pounds, and more about the uncovering of your potential as a human being. Yes, physically. But, what we are teaching here takes mental and even spiritual discipline. To stay true to your own promises to yourself. Deep deep work.

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A sexier you...

Starts with a disciplined mind + a Body you are proud of

We want to motivate you to become your own driving force. To empower you with the education to take care of yourself, love yourself, and develop an intimate and confident relationship with the one starting back at you in that bathroom mirror every morning.

Your intention for being here may be something you didn’t even really consider. But I am willing to bet that you are here because you want to look a lot better, love your own body, and to have confidence that you are attractive to others. The body is the first layer in this work. And we work from the inside out to restore or uncover the confidence needed to move in the world in a powerful way.

Thanks for being here.

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Who we are

Adi Shakti + David Calvente, Founders

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A ship is always safe at the shore, but that is not what it is built for.

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